Frost Advisory Tonight

Let’s consider tonight the icing on the cake of a brutal spring. A nice coating of frost in the middle of May. The weather was simply awful this weekend and now our inland counties are under a frost advisory.

Many of you may have bought your pansies and petunias already. I would recommend covering those up tonight if you live 5 miles away from the lake and areas west. I would still be nervous about frost if I lived in Western Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha counties.

Here are the lows I am expecting:

It’s a short post tonight due to training on our new weather graphics. Look for the new and improved weather watch 12 soon.



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  1. Food for thought…

    I was looking at the summers that followed two recent springs that were cooler than this one (1993,1996) as well as summers of 1975 (coolest April in recent records) and 1966 (coolest May in recent records) and the results are very similar to what Jeremy is predicting this summer. After the middle of June… 70s and 80s become very dominant, 60s are very few and 90s are split between very few and a near average amount. One of the them actually has a July date that hit 97 and I’m still a bit nervous that the big warm up part of the pattern in July could hit us with something like this.

    • Daniel,

      As always, great research. Very interesting. I agree with Jeremy that we could hit the low 90s this summer, but keep in mind it will be a wet summer. High humidities make it difficult to get into the 90s. Especially the mid and upper 90s. Even with a strong southwest wind 97 would be tough. Thanks.


    • Daniel, nice statistical drop. Currently my back yard is at a mean temperature of 38.9 degrees for the spring (Mar/Apr/May) which would be an all-time low for Oshkosh if it were to end that way. The spring of 1996 is the coolest of all-time officially at 39.5 degrees. The summer of 1996 is the 25th coolest in Oshkosh’s history with a mean temperature of 68.2 degrees. It will be fun to watch the next few months unfold.

      With all that said, you’ve inspired me to research the LRC of 1995-1996. Something I should have thought of already considering that was my infamous year in Marquette, MI in which the UP got bombed with snow. Thanks!

      • Josh,

        One thing to keep in mind though is that even though your backyard average is below the all time low, the second half of May is going to bring that up, probably by a reasonable amount given it is usually the warmest 1/6 of the spring season (not to mention what Memorial weekend could do to it if the big warm up verifies for the fifth time).

      • Indeed Daniel. I definitely have that in mind. My comparison was in reaction to the data you presented as I wanted to highlight the current situation and the significance of 1996.

        And speaking of the end of May warm up, I just checked the GFS 500mb vorticity, wind, and height forecast and that baby is picking up on some warmth…

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