Wet Weekend, But Not A Washout

Now this is more like it. Finally, a nice and sunny day. Our high was 66 in Milwaukee. That actually is two degrees below average, but it felt much better than most of the spring. We had some interesting fog right along the lakeshore today. Here is a picture from the rooftop of the US Bank building this evening.

If it looks like a cloud that is exactly what it is. Fog is just a cloud that is located on or near the ground. Take a look from our camera shooting toward the Allen Bradley clock tower.

The fog has been hanging along the lakeshore all day. We have a cool slideshow that shows the fog as well.


Now let’s focus on the weekend. I’ll start with the good news. It will be way better than last weekend as temperatures will be in the 70s and low 80s. Here are the highs as shown on the RPM model. Let’s start with Saturday.

Saturday will have highs in the 70s across the area. It will be a little cooler right next to the lake.

Sunday will be even warmer with highs expected especially inland. The key will be timing the rainfall. We have showers and storms in the forecast both on Saturday and Sunday. The better chances for rain and storms will be in the afternoon on both days. There is a very slight risk of severe storms both days. Here is the late afternoon forecast for Saturday.

If you have yard work or baseball games on Saturday morning you should be ok. Later in the afternoon, showers and storms will be likely. Sunday will be very similar, but Sunday will bring more sunshine. Here is the Sunday evening forecast.

Don’t change your weekend plans due to the rain. Work around it and enjoy the warmer weekend.



8 Responses

  1. Hi Mark~
    Do you have a rainfall estimate for the weekend? Thanks for the weekend update!

    • Lori,

      I think we’ll see around .50″ – 1.25″ of rain.

      Have a good weekend.


  2. SPC has our area under slight risk of severe weather. Reading the forecast discussion, they say there may be a more favorable area for supercells with tornadoes in northern illinois/eastern iowa/southern wisconsin. So now there’s a better chance for severe weather then what the previous forecast was. What changed?

    • Justin,

      I just saw your comment. The blog that I did on Thursday discussed Sunday as being the day to watch out for. Right now it looks like hail/wind are the main threats. I think there will be a tornado threat closer to the low, probably in west-central WI on Sunday.


  3. Hi, Jeremy —

    Just a quick report from Dodge County way — we had a bright start to Sat. morning, whihc quickly gave way to overcast and some very light showers–just enough to get things wet–not even enough to register in the rain guage. The early afternoon was sunny again–but mid to late afternoon has been overcast again. I think the humidity has been on the increase throughout the day — at least it feels “stickier.” We have a breeze and temp is 68 degrees. The temp fluctuates with the sun coming out and then going behind the clouds {my thermometer is on the north side of the house.}

    I checked the radar and I don’t see any rain out to the west. Does that mean we are not expecting any more rain today/tonight — or will it be pop-up showers?

    I’ll “catch up” with you on the 10 p.m. show!

    Don {Reeseville}

    • Don,

      I think some pop up stuff this evening, I mentioned mainly isolated on the 5/6 shows. Once the sun sets the showers should weaken. Best bet for rain is before midnight.

      We’ll see if any of the leftovers make it here from the west. Most of the activity is moving north-northeast though.


  4. Rainfall report: 0.12 inches. Will try to post updates as the weekend progresses.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

    • Thanks Tony! Keep us posted.


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