Severe Storms Possible Today(Sunday)

***Tornado Watch for all of southeast Wisconsin til 10pm***

Strong to severe thunderstorms are possible late Sunday across southeast Wisconsin.  If you have outdoor plans, enjoy the warm weather, but if you see dark skies on the horizon or nearby, make sure to head indoors and turn on WISN 12.  We will have updates throughout the day and evening as long as the severe weather potential exists.

A tornado watch is in effect until 10pm for all of southeast Wisconsin.  Below is the SPC box outline for the tornado watch.  Remember, a watch means that conditions are favorable for severe, including tornadoes to develop.

Tornado Watch May 22

If you want to track the storms from home, just click on the interactive radar link below.  You can zoom the radar right down to where you live.

Interactive Radar

Various watches will be in place for parts of Wisconsin Sunday afternoon and evening.  But overall the risk for severe weather is at a moderate level in our southeast Wisconsin.  Here is the severe weather outlook from the Storm Prediction Center.  This was the midday Sunday update.

SPC Moderate Risk May 22

The main threats with any storms will be large hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes. 

If you would like to help the Weather Watch 12 team there are a few things you can do.  First join our Facebook page and leave storm reports in the comments section of the top post.  Click below to join our new Weather Watch 12 Facebook page.

Wisconsin Weather Updates Facebook Page

Second, post any pictures you safely take from a cell phone or camera on the U-Local section of  We would love to show your pictures on WISN 12!


As the storms hit Westfield in Marquette county, Joann Cotton took this picture of golf ball size hail.  There were reports of softball size hail from this storm!  That’s huge!

Westfield Hail May 22

Make sure to stay with and WISN 12 News for updates on the potential for severe storms, and if storms do turn severe we will cut into programming to keep our viewers safe and advised of the threats that the storms may present.

Jeremy Nelson


9 Responses

  1. Ooooo, Tornado Watch just issued for everyone till 10pm. Let’s all be careful and vigilent, but enjoy the power and majesty of the atmosphere!


  2. Any word on hail in the Milwaukee area? If so, size and duration ? I’m asking whether I should find somewhere covered to park. (sucks not having a garage)

    • Mark,

      No storms in Milwaukee yet. The chance in the city will likely be after 7pm. I wouldn’t go for the parking yet. Keep an eye on the radar or watch WISN 12 for the updates. If severe weather develops to our west we’ll let you know.


      • Thanks man !

  3. Sunday, May 22, 2011 8:49 pm

    Storm report: Not much so far. Around 8pm sky got very still, dark and ‘scary looking’. Got a bit of wind but I don’t think it exceeded 30mph. Very little rain and I only saw two instances of lightning. Considering how large and bright the lightning was, I was somewhat surprised at how little thunder there was. Looks like I’ve got some more weather headed my way and I might have to be shutting down my ‘puter’. Wanted to get this much to you now and we’ll see what happens later.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

  4. Looks like the Milwaukee Metro missed the brunt of the severe weather again.

    • Patrick,

      Odd thing is…Milwaukee had one of the highest measured wind gusts today…61mph. No warnings ever issued for Milwaukee county though!


  5. Sunday, May 22, 2011 9:44 pm

    Quick update: Still not much to report from here. Most of the action seems to be south of me. Didn’t check the rain gauge, but I doubt there’s more than a few hundredths that fell, if that.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

    • Thanks Tony!


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