Live Oklahoma Outbreak And EF-5 Joplin Tornado

I wanted to share the live feed from our Oklahoma City affiliate, KOCO.

Another terrible outbreak of tornadoes. More injuries and fatalities.

Here is the write-up of the Joplin tornado. It has been now been upgraded to an EF-5.

I was going to blog about the LRC tonight and trusting the warm-up heading our way this weekend, but got way too busy with following the severe storms in Oklahoma. Jeremy will certainly touch on this in tomorrow’s blog. Get ready for a true taste of summer for Memorial Day. Would not be shocked if we hit 90.

Grab your umbrella for tomorrow.



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  1. Mark, thanks for the post. I was watching the streaming video when the tornado absolutely destroyed that semi… incredible stuff! I couldn’t believe how many tornado warnings were out at one time in OK this evening…. insane! Luckily it doesn’t appear to be close to as bad as Joplin though… at least not yet.

    Excellent work on forecasting the warmup for early next week…. I know you don’t like to be praised the forecast has been proved correct, but I love how you guys picked up the 80s temps a day or two before the NWS and everyone else. Impressed as always!


    • Thanks, Dan,

      I will be showing the semi video tonight on 12 news. That was incredible. There were certainly some strong wedge tornadoes, but most of those missed the most populated areas so far. Supercells not done yet. Nasty one right now between Fort Worth and Dallas.

      As for the forecast…LRC deserves the credit. Thanks.

    • What’s truly impressive is that Mark and Jeremy aren’t afraid to throw out the warmer numbers each time this part of the cycle comes up knowing they will look pretty bad if it doesn’t verify (to the casual viewers… we know better than to doubt their expertise).

      • You got that right, Dan G! 😀

      • Thanks, Guys. Crazy night continues with tornadoes being reported in Dallas, Texas and tornado sirens sounding in Joplin.

      • I saw that, thanks for the info, Mark. Hey I’m finally starting to get the hang of spotting rotation by seeing the appendages on radar. They can be tough to spot!

  2. Mark,

    My mom has been watching various forecasts today and keeps on saying “why doesn’t the other channels have high 80s next week? (channel name) only has the 60s!” Isn’t the LRC amazing that you can forecast the 80s now and the others will throw them out a few days before they happen? I’m surprised more stations/meteorologists don’t take a closer look at this phenomenon. Here’s hoping for a warm memorial day!

  3. Wednesday, May 25, 2011

    Rainfall report: As of 7am, 0.20 inches. No rain falling.
    Present conditions (8am) have pretty dense fog, less than ½ mile vis. & light rain.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

  4. Hi, Jeremy and Mark!

    Looking forward to the warmer temps this weekend. I hope it doesn’t get too hot right away that we have to use the AC — we haven’t been able to have the windows open too much yet — either too cool or too wet or both! How long do you expect the really warm air to last after Mem. Day?

    Longer range question — if you could pick a week in June to take off for fishing, what week would you pick??

    Need your guidance! {Don’t I always?}

    Don {Reeseville}

    • Don,

      Any week is a good week to fish! There was one timeframe I highlighted for severe weather in the long range forecast for June. I would avoid that timeframe…although fish generally bite better before a storm.


  5. Huh, the Weather Channel’s current T-Storm forecast map shows severe weather possible/expected for about the southern 1/4 of Wisconsin. Looks to include MKE Metro area.

    Does Mark or Jeremy agree?


    • Micheal,

      I think the threat for severe weather should stay in Illinois. If a stronger storms creeps north of the border the threat may be hail. I wouldn’t trust any wx channel forecast, they are off one model. That’s my opinion though.


  6. Wednesday, May 25, 2011

    Rainfall & weather update: As of 4:30pm, a total of 1.10 inches of rain. This amount includes the 0.20 reported earlier today. The additional rain fell from approx. 8am thru 11:30 am. The rain was mostly steady and accompanied by occasional lightning & thunder, but no real storminess. After the rain, the fog redeveloped getting rather dense at times.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

    • Thanks, Tony. Ugly day, but cold weather here kept severe weather south of us.


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