Hottest Day Of Year…Severe Worries Tuesday

Summer finally makes an appearance in Southeast Wisconsin. Our high hit 88 degrees in Milwaukee making it the hottest day of 2011 so far. Fond du Lac was 93 degrees at 4pm. It was a great day for a parade. I was honored to be part of the Elm Grove Memorial Day Parade this morning. Here is a picture of me and my girls.

What a beautiful day today, especially when you compare it to the last few days. On Saturday, I was the honorary captain of the Denis Sullivan, Milwaukee’s three-masted schooner, that is docked at Discovery World. It was not the prettiest day, but I’m still amazed at the micrometeorology of Lake Michigan. We left the dock at 10am with a temperature around 60 degrees. Once we reached the breakwater, the temperature dropped to around 45 degrees with a nasty southeast wind. I was prepared and dressed my older girls in all their winter gear.

The Denis Sullivan is truly a Milwaukee treasure. A big thank you to Captain Tiffany for being so gracious to me and my girls. They each had a chance to “steer” the Sullivan. I would definitely recommend signing up for one of their day or evening sails that they offer. What an amazing view of the city.

A last thank you to pass along. On Saturday, May 21st, I emceed a very nice program for Milwaukee Skywarn. The Skywarn community is a vital part of severe weather coverage for the National Weather Service and local media. The are the trained spotters that report severe weather across our area. Some of the speakers included a lightning expert, a storm chaser, WE Energies electrical safety seminar, and emergency management. It was an informative afternoon.

The picture above is me setting up our 3-D model of a supercell thunderstorm. It is very cool and includes strobe lights to mimic lightning. The WISN-12 engineers deserve the credit for this.

Speaking of supercells, we may have to contend with a few of those tomorrow afternoon. The Storm Prediction Center has us under a slight risk of severe storms.

The RPM model is not as impressed with the set-up tomorrow. Here is the 4pm forecast.

It will be very warm and humid again tomorrow and with enough sunshine our temps will approach 90 degrees. The cold front will pass through during the afternoon. The later it arrives, the better our chances of severe weather. Stay tuned.



10 Responses

  1. Mark,

    I know you do not like this source very much, but has 93 for Friday in Muskego. Usually they trend lower than the local stations and sites, but I am very surprised to see them go that high. Are you seeing any indications for that warm of a day on Friday?

    • On their 10 day forecast, it shows 80… but if you click for that particular day it says 93. Hard to trust a site that can’t even get its own forecast straight.

      • They changed it to a “normal” 80. Maybe they had Muskogee, OK’s weather (who has a 93 on Friday). Ha!

    • Bryan,’s forecast, just like their local on the 8’s is generated by a computer model forecast. Tough to trust just one computer model. Friday does look warm, but I don’t see it being that warm.


  2. I love the cotton supercell!

    • Scott,
      You need to see it in person. It really is pretty impressive. Our engineers want to mass produce it. There is nothing out there like it that we know of.


  3. Where is the NWS “Milwaukee Lakefront” temperature recorded? I was at Bradford Beach at 1:00 P.M. today and it was warm; I checked the NWS website on my phone and it said Milwaukee Lakefront was 56.

    • Patrick,

      I believe it is taken at Jones Island. On the water, it was 56, but inland was WAY warmer. Thanks.


  4. Monday, May 30, 2011 10:05 pm

    Hi Mark,

    I like the cotton supercell too! Looks much more ‘warm and fuzzy’ than the real thing! What I liked even better was the pictures of you and your girls getting to spend some quality time together! Hope that was as rejuvenating as it seems it should be! It’s been a pretty rough month or so, what with Alabama, Missouri, and a bit of a scare in the St. Louis area this past week. Now if we can just get past tomorrow afternoon…….

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

    • Thanks, Tony.

      It was great to spend extra time with my girls. Definitely needed. It has been a long spring. I hope we can continue to miss most of the nasty weather.


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