Heat & Humidity Returns

***Watch WISN 12 News for the latest weather information!***

Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog.  If the weather conditions that we experienced over the weekend are any indication of what’s ahead this summer, I think many people will be happy! 

The skies were filled with sunshine and many headed to the lake to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Below is our WISN 12 camera pointed toward downtown Milwuakee and Lake Michigan late Sunday. 

WISN Camera June 5

For early this week, the focus shifts back to warmer and more humid weather conditions.  If you haven’t used your air conditioning or fans this spring, I think many will be turned on for the first time Tuesday or Wednesday. 

The next several days will be the first ‘extended’ taste of summer weather for southeast Wisconsin.  Highs should reach the 80s or low 90s from Monday-Wednesday.  By Monday afternoon, most inland areas will be in the upper 80s to around 90, and lakeshore areas will bounce around from the 70s to 80s.  Here is the RPM temperature forecast for 3pm Monday.

RPM Forecast Temperatures June 5

As we reach peak heating on Monday, and a lake breezy tries to move inland, a few showers or isolated t-storms may fire up.  Rain chances on Monday will be early, mainly west of Milwaukee before 9am, and then mid to late afternoon with daytime heating.

By Tuesday, the flood gates will open to a humid airmass taking over southeast Wisconsin.  Dew points on Tuesday and Wednesday will be in the 60s to low 70s.  Combining this with air temperatures in the 80s to around 90, heat indices will climbe above 90 in most locations.

The NAM computer model indicates that dew points will be around 70 by Tuesday morning.  Just click on the map to enlarge the dew point forecast map.

NAM Dew Point Forecast Tuesday

The high heat and humidity will remain in place through Wednesday.  But as quickly as the heat moves in, it will depart.  Right now it looks like highs will fall back to the 60s for Friday and Saturday.

Make sure to watch WISN 12 News for more on the heat and humidity, and also the timing of possible rain chances this week.  Add your thoughts on the warmer days ahead in the comments section of the blog.

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson



4 Responses

  1. Last time through the cycle we’re dealing with snow north of Milwaukee and sleet and cold 40 degree rain in the city and south… this time 90s. I remember when you made the forecast for April you highlighted this part of the cycle as having a southwest flow the first three times, so the last round must have just been some weird anomaly.

    The challenge for me won’t be deciding on using the A/C (that’s an obvious yes), but rather which day of this following weekend to make outdoor plans on with a storm system lurking in the shadows.

  2. What a beautiful weekend!! I’m actually looking forward to the warmth and humidity this week. Next weekend sounds like a real clunker, with clouds and east winds. But that is to be expected in early June in Milwaukee. Just hope that we have warmth and sun for Summerfest.

    • Guessing that after highs around 90 the next several days, some 60s will feel good later this week. At least the lake water temps climb by the time Summerfest begins.


  3. I gotta say that the weather since Memorial Day has been pretty darn good. Even with a light East wind, Bradford Beach has been comfortable with the intense sun on most days. This weekend was absolutely perfect, even with the half hour of clouds that rolled through late morning. Amazing how we have snapped into such a summer pattern after the Spring we had.

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