Odd June Weather Continues

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog.  We are now at the halfway point in June, and so far weather conditions have been all over place.  From daytime highs near 100, to highs stuck in the 50s, it has been a month of extremes.  In today’s blog we’ll take a look back, and then discuss what’s ahead for us here in southeast Wisconsin.

I find it hard to believe that in the first 15 days of June there were 3 record highs in Milwaukee, but yet the average monthly temperature is going to end up about right at average.  Here is a breakdown of the high temperatures so far this month in Milwaukee.

  • 90s  3
  • 80s  1
  • 70s  5
  • 60s  4
  • 50s  2

The count above assumes that highs will be in the 60s today.  9 of the 15 days this month the high has been 70 degrees or lower.  And 3 of the 15 days 93 or higher.  So only a handful of days have been ‘warm’, not too hot or too cool.

The cool and damp weather will rule through Wednesday, and possibly into parts of Thursday.  As a line of showers and thunderstorms pushed through early Wednesday, a wake low occurred.  The wake low results in a quick drop in pressure, and also very gusty winds.  The strongest winds were centered close to Kenosha.  Here is the pressure readings from 7-9am

7am  29.77 (in.)

8am  29.68

9am  29.78

The pressure drop shown above is pretty significant in a short period of time.  This was equivalent to a 3mb drop in pressure.  Strong winds accompanied the drop in pressure.  Our new weather system displays storm reports so that we can show you where high winds, hail, tornadoes, etc. have occurred.  Below is a storm report from around Kenosha at 8:05am.  Winds were estimated around 50-60mph.

Storm Reports June 15

If you see something on our new weather system that you like, or would like us to improve just leave your thoughts in the comments section of the blog.  And yes, the forecast could be improved on!

Speaking of the forecast, it will gradually improve as the weekend nears.  A few showers are still possible on Thursday, especially through early afternoon, but Friday looks dry at this point.  A weak area of high pressure will settle in between low pressure systems later Thursday.  Below is the HPC surface forecast map for 7pm Thursday.  Notice the pocket of dry weather over Wisconsin. 

Surface Map Friday June 15, 2011

And by the weekend, you guessed it, another chance for showers and thunderstorms.  Don’t forget that you can track rain anywhere with our interactive radar.  Just click below to track rain day or night.

Interactive Radar

We’ll work on narrowing down the timing of the rain on WISN 12 News. 

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson





14 Responses

  1. This is pretty miserable. I spent the weekend in Fort Lauderdale where it was 92 degrees and sunny all weekend. Oh, and the Atlantic was 82 degrees. This is not June weather, but then again, it is Wisconsin.

  2. Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Rainfall report: As of 11:30am, 0.15inches.

    @ Jeremy, I had this update prepared and when I went to post it, I saw your latest blog entry. Thanks for the ‘wake low’ info. I kind of figured something was going on!

    Additional info: Was a bit ‘windy’ around here earlier this morning. The scenery was getting roughed up a bit; got a few small branches and ‘twigs with leaves’ on the ground. Not entirely sure, but I did notice a few isobars that were rather close to one another at the time as they passed through. I suspect they might have had something or another to do with it. Whatever!

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

    • Tony,

      Thanks for the rain and wind report.


      Wish you could have brought some of the Florida weather north! Yeah, I’m not a fan of 50s and 60s in June.


      • I’d rather bottle up yesterday and Monday as those were as close to perfect as days can get. If I scripted summer, that is how 95% of the days would be. The other 5% would be some mid 80s with moderate humidity just for the sake of enjoying water related activities.

  3. At my house here in northern Dodge County there hasn’t been any rain all day, just cool, cloudy and windy. Does the wind direction have anything to do with the fact that none of the rain is making it to the ground here? The radar shows showers passing over us, but nothing is falling from the sky.

  4. Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Rainfall report: As of 5:45pm total is now at 0.35inches

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

  5. rainfall report as of 6:00 pm in juneau is .16 inches. where did all the rain go that you said we were going to get today ? you were forcasting up to 1 inch for today.

    • Steve,

      We are not done yet. More rain on the way, but I think we will stay under 1/2 inch.


  6. Hey guys,
    I know ten days off is hard to get a idea of what the weather may be like, but next saturday, june 25th, I’m getting married. The wedding is in oconomowoc and is planned to be outside weather permitting, and thats where my question lies. Any idea on what the weather is pointing to for that day. Yet again ten days off is where we models just start forecasting the possibilities, but any information would be great. And while im asking questions, do you think the fourth maybe a wet one with the signature storm lurking even we are nearing the end of the cycle.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Jeremiah, congrats on the marriage. I also have an outdoor activity weekend on Jun 25-26. My interpretation of the LRC this year makes me think we’ll be on a warming trend and will have a chance at some light precip. The precip shouldn’t add up to all that much though as it was very light (in my backyard) each time through the cycle. Jun 25-26 is right around the time of us coming out of the “wet” portion of the LRC which we are in right now. That’s just my guess and interpretation of this years LRC. 🙂

  7. Monday’s pattern should look very familiar to those LRCers out there. We are paying close attention here in the central Plains.

    • Yes, hopefully things stay grounded.

  8. Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Rainfall report: As of 8:30am. Total (final amt.) 0.47inches. This includes the amounts from my 2 reports of yesterday plus the additional from last night/this morning. I’ve emptied the gauge in preparation for the next ‘batch’!

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

  9. Hi, Jeremy and Mark!

    Total rainfall from start to end on Wednesday was .25.” No storms or heavy winds — just nice gentle showers and a few brief heavier downpours. The grass, flowerbeds and garden are rejoicing greatly!!!

    Sad to say, Jeremy — I was not able to get any fishing in last week. Too hot in the beginning of the week and had to be ‘back at it” by Friday — had a wedding that night and of course the regular weekend “routine.” In this biz, it’s hard to get a whole week off! Hopefully the boat will get in the water and some fish will find their way into the freezer soon! Given the weather ups and downs, we may have to grab a day here and there! Mondya dn Tuesday would have been ideal — to bad I didn’t have those days for vacation, eh?

    Tnaks for caring and sharing!


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