‘Weak’ Dodge County Tornado & Severe Chances This Week

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  A brief, and very weak tornado was reported in Dodge county 5 miles south of Theresa on Sunday.  No watches or warnings were in place at the time, certainly a good reminder that severe weather can happen with no warning.

The good news is that no damage was reported, and the tornado lasted a very short time.  The brief touchdown was reported by a trained weather spotter at 4:56pm.  The isolated thunderstorm did show a small ‘hook echo’ on radar.  Below is more information on what a ‘hook echo’ is from a great weather site by Jeff Haby.

A hook echo is displayed on radar reflectivity. It is a signature produced by precipitation held aloft that wraps around the mid-level mesocyclone. Since the mesocyclone has counterclockwise winds, the reflectivity signature of a hook echo will have a cyclonically shaped hook. The area free from reflectivity inside the hook is the updraft and inflow notch region of the supercell. A hook echo is one clue that a thunderstorm has the potential of producing a tornado.

Here is the NEXRAD radar image from our new Weather Watch 12 weather system at 4:50pm Sunday afternoon.  The ‘hook echo’ is shown by the arrow, this is where the weak tornado was located.

Hook Echo June 19

Here is the spot where the tornado was reported by the trained spotter.

Tornado Storm Report June 21

The next threat for showers and thunderstorms will be Monday.  Again it will be difficult to pin down the timing, so I would keep an umbrella nearby from Monday all the way through Thursday of this week.

As a warm front lifts into the region on Tuesday, it will turn warmer and more humid.  With the increase in moisture and temperature, and with a warm front hanging around the region…the potential for heavy rain and severe weather will be on the increase. 

Let’s start with rainfall.  Below is the RPM forecast that goes through Wednesday.  While this is not how the final rain totals will shake out, this forecast does show that heavy rain is possible across a large part of the upper Midwest.  Milwaukee is labeled with a ‘*’ on the map below.

RPM Rainfall Forecast June 20

Along with heavy downpours, the storms this week may also contain hail and strong winds.  Below is the severe weather outlook from the Storm Prediction Center for Tuesday.  This has our entire viewing area in the slight risk for severe weather.

Severe Weather Outlook Tuesday

I do think there will be a threat for torandoes in the Midwest on Tuesday, but I want to see how the set-up looks on Monday before discussing this chance further.

Remember, if you ever have storm reports or photos to share, please send them to us and we will use some on WISN 12 News.  The easiest way to share your photos is to email them to jdnelson@hearst.com or post them to the U-Local section of WISN.com

Have a great day and check out 12 News for the updates!

Jeremy Nelson






11 Responses

  1. I remember hearing about hook echoes in the 1970s. The understanding of weather radar has grown exponentially since then.

  2. GFS long range model pointing to a big warm up around July 3rd with the number 588 right over Wisconsin, would this line up with a warm up in accordance to this year’s LRC, the number over Wisconsin when we had the major warm up in earl y June was 582, what would that translate to as far as surface temps?

    • What do the temps at the 850 level look like? I know whenever they get up to 20c, it equates to temps around 90 degrees (assuming some sunshine of course).

    • Bryan, the date you mention translates to the ‘signature storm’.

  3. Hi, Jeremy!

    I haven’t had the opportunity to check in with you for a few days, so I tought I would let you kow what’s been going on here in Reeseville.

    On Sunday morning, we had a brief thundershower move through –about 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. in terms of duration — enough to deposit about 1/3 inch of rain in the guage. No other precip the rest of the day. Same thing this morning — no thunder though, no wind, just a very heavy rain for about 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. Haven’t gotten outside to check the guage yet — will get back with you when I do.

    As far as the “hook echo” incident here in our county on Sunday — there was aboslutely nothing going on here in our part of Dodge. Lots of clouds, some darkness to some of them, and very, very humid all day {actually has been since Saturday}. But about the time the hook echo took place we did get a big pick-up in wind speed — very brief — but very noticeable — as previous to that the trees were quite still all day.

    For whatever reason, the northeast part of our county is well known for tornadic activity. Don’t know what, if anything, draws them to that area, but most Dodge County residents refer to the Theresa/Lomira area as “tornado alley.”

    Also, a brief “weigh in” on the old versus new LRC — it’s kind of sad to see the old patterns fall apart — sort of like losing an old friend you kinew you coulod always rely on — even if in terems of behavior it had its’ quirks! On the other hand, the promise of a new patterns brings with it a definite sense of excitement and eager anticipation. As far as what type of weather it brings us, I’m on board with those who appreciate the heavy snowstorms — and a summer in the 70’s to low-80’s, with low humidity.

    Thanks for letting me share all this! Appreciate any comments that you or anyone else would like to share in response!

    Don in Reeseville

    • What I’m going to miss about this cycle is the signature storm. Sure, there will be some sort of storm next cycle that takes on the name of the “signature”, but it is likely to pale in comparison with the current one that produced some historic events.

  4. Another update from Reeseville —

    This morning’s rainfall amounted to 1.25 inches.

    After the rain moved through, temps were in the low 60’s. Now with thinner clouds and more sunshine showing through, we are at 78 degrees. This is as of 2:15 p.m.


    • Hi Don,

      Does that 1.25 inches of rain you’re reporting include the 1/3 inch from yesterday or was that all ‘new’ rain from today?

      Tony (Pl. Prairie)

      • Hi, Tony —

        The 1.25 inches was just from this morning.


    • Hi again Don,

      Wow, that really WAS a heavy rain! Won’t have to worry about your watering your garden for awhile. I’m celebrating a minor miracle down here of sorts in that no measureable rain for the last 4 days. As long as I’m posting; how’d the fundraiser (weatherwise) work out for you?


  5. I have a 6:45 AM flight to Phoenix tomorrow morning out of Milwaukee. Was wondering if the weather is going to cooperate so I don’t need to worry about flight delays.


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