June Gloom Continues

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  So far ‘summer’ has had a few ups, and lots of downs.  Temperatures are headed back down over the next couple of days, and yes, more rain chances are in the forecast.

In doing some quick research for this blog, I was kind of shocked to find that Milwaukee has only had 7 days this year with a high temperature of 80 or warmer.  Last year at this point there was 17 days in the 80s or warmer.

The prospects for sunshine over the next couple of days is not good.  A ‘June gloom’ will hang over the area.  The storm system that brought us severe weather on Tuesday, showers on Wednesday, will bring another day of clouds along with on and off showers for Thursday.  Below is a look at the visible satellite at around 6pm Wednesday.  Not much hope for sunshine in the next 24-48 hours.  

Cloudy June 22, 2011

With clouds and showers around the area temperatures will struggle to warm up.  Even with winds out of the west, cool temperatures in the 60s will be common.  Some spots may even fall into the 50s later Thursday.  Below is the RPM forecast temperature map for 4pm Thursday.  Keep in mind the average high in Milwaukee is nearly 80 degrees!

RPM Temperatures June 23, 2011

By Friday the threat for rain will drop to 20% as the slow moving low finally departs our area.  That will set the stage for a great start to the weekend with sunshine and highs around 70 in Milwaukee, warmer inland.  Sunday is quickly looking ‘iffy’, as warmer air returns so will a chance of showers and t-storms, so make sure to stay with Weather Watch 12 and 12 News for updates as the weekend nears.

Finally, I want to recap the severe weather that occurred in southeast Wisconsin on Tuesday.  Let’s start with a great viewer photo!  This lightning picture taken in New Berlin was posted on the U-Local section of WISN.com by ‘ewagner24’. 

Lightning June 21, 2011

The storms produced vivid lightning, heavy rain, damaging winds, and 2 tornadoes.  The two confirmed tornaodes were located in Green Lake and Fond du Lac counties.  Both were rated EF-1 with winds estimated at 86-110mph.  Below is the path from the survey that was conducted by the National Weather Service.  Just click to enlarge.

Tornado Path June 21, 2011

Outside of the tornado and wind damage, some spots saw another round of heavy rain.  Below are rain totals from Tuesday into Wednesday.

  • 3 miles NW Milwaukee  3.56″
  • Elm Grove  3.33″
  • Mitchell Airport  1.47″
  • Sheboygan  1.28″
  • Pleasant Prairie  0.66″

Remember, if you have a rain total or storm photo to share, please post it to the blog, U-Local, or our Facebook page.

Have a great day and check out 12 News for updates on when the rain will finally end!

Jeremy Nelson


11 Responses

  1. This is pretty much a “near the lake” shafting of summer because inland areas are pulling out more 80s (and 70s for that matter) the farther west you go.

    New Berlin – 12
    Madison – 19

    Seems to be a pretty good consensus that the later part of next week into the holiday weekend could get very warm around here (we knew the pre-signature storm warm up was coming though). Whether that will include the Summerfest grounds could be another story though with how the “cooler by the lake” trend has dominated so far.

  2. Thank goodness Summerfest isn’t starting this week, with all the clouds tomorrow and Friday. Also kind of hard to get excited about a “high” of 70 on Saturday. The 74 and 57 for opening day and night (next Wednesday) don’t exactly have me jumping up and down either. It’s SUMMERfest not Septemberfest. But I suppose as long as we get some dry days, that’s the best we can hope for this year.

    • You may be able to jump up and down about this though…


      • I think the CPC has a bit of modelitis right now. Their forecast is dead on if were to under emphasize the western troughing that is due in allowing the southern Plains ridge to rule and expand north and east….I am not sure yet I am going for that. I have seen the models lately really try to build up that ridge only to have it flattened through the central Plains with lower heights and stationary zones.

      • lrcweather, got that ‘model’ for lrc forecast heights compared to gfs forecast heights and actuals working. found another site to grab archived heights as well. it’s damn sweet. looking forward to putting the model into some ‘real’ action later this year.

    • Patrick,

      The forecast will change for next Wednesday, a lot will hinge on how long any rain chance early next week lingers. But as of now Wednesday looks good.


  3. When calculating a storm total for this week’s rain event, what period should I include? Monday-Friday?

    • Robert,

      Feel free to send the entire week. The automated station has 0.80″ in Sheboygan so far today. The axis of rain kept spinning across your area today. Most of Milwaukee saw under 0.20″.


  4. From the HPC long range discussion – “A
    LAKES/NORTHEAST. ” They almost seemed surprised with this evolution in reading the whole discussion. Not sure why it is a surprise as it just keeps happening this part of the cycle.

  5. Just got back from spending 3 days in Phoenix for a job interview. What a shock to the system returning to WI after spending 3 days in temps hovering around 115 degrees everyday. I loved the heat there and only 2% humidity. Looking forward to a warm-up here.

    • Chris,

      Hope the job interview went well! The highest temps I’ve ever experienced were in Las Vegas. I think it was May of 2003…the all-time record high for the month was set at 109. I remember being outside around 11pm and it was still so hot! I like heat and at least wish we could get some more 90s in here.


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