Great Weather Ahead And Weather Conference Highlights

I write this as I watch one lone shower/thunderstorm over the Horicon Marsh. The severe weather stayed away from us today and it finally looks like we are in for a stretch of beautiful weather this week.

Last week, I spent three days in Oklahoma City at the American Meteorological Society conference. Oklahoma City is not exactly a prime location in June, but it was a good conference. Much of the talk was about our incredible spring of severe weather and tornadoes. Four meteorologists from areas that were hit in Joplin, Huntsville, Birmingham and Chatanooga shared their experiences. It is an emotional topic for all of them because they all knew people directly affected. After surveying the damage personally in Tuscaloosa I can certainly understand.

I spent most of the three days in this conference room with topics ranging from Dual Polarmetric radar to climate change. This is always a worthwhile conference and it was so hot, no one really wanted to go outside anyway. However, the first morning I was able to go out for a run and check out the city. Actually, Oklahoma City’s downtown is very nice. I stayed right next to Bricktown which has a canal that runs through the area. Reminded me a little of San Antonio with bars and restaurants lining the canal. I also had a chance to see the area where the Murrah building once stood. This is now a national museum. It is very well done with a reflecting pool where the building once stood before the bombing on April 19th, 1995.


One of my highlights of the conference was having a chance to sit down with Gary Lezak. He is the meteorologist from Kansas City who created the LRC. (Lezak’s Recurring Cycle) It was great to sit down and chat about the nuances of the theory. We are both surprised there are not more people using this, but I think in the future that will change. I talked about how it is harder to pick up on pattern in the late spring and early summer. However, the pattern is still here. As an example, the hot weather later this week is a testament to that.

Speaking of which, take a look at our high-resolution model for Thursday afternoon. Check out the heat building to our west. We will get a taste of that on Friday as our highs approach 90 degrees.

Enjoy the nice week of weather. Only a slight chance of storms as the warm air invades on Thursday. Otherwise, this upcoming weekend is looking great.



7 Responses

  1. Were there any other Milwaukee area meteorologists there and if so, do you ever talk with them… or is association with the competition prohibited?

    Speaking of the LRC… the signature storm doesn’t look too impressive this holiday weekend. Just the big warm-up in front of it (like last time).

    • Thanks, Daniel,

      Vince Condella was also there and we have a good relationship. Thankfully, all the meteorologists in Milwaukee are good people. We all get along very well.

      As for signature storm, I agree. It is looking like the last go around. Nice and warm, but at this point storms are not looking very likely.


  2. I have been an avid follower of the blog for since last year just not much time to comment with a really busy life. Just wanted to mention I posted some pictures on u-local of the approaching storm clouds around 8:30 tonight from the Cedarburg area. I am looking forward to the nice stretch of weather but I am not a big fan of the 90 degree weather and humidity to come. Hoping to post more often as this cycle winds down and the new one begins to take shape.

    • Thanks, Matt. We appreciate the pics. I was unable to use them tonight, but please continue to share.


      • Will do. I figured they got in too late as I had some technical issues on my end.

  3. Hi, Mark!

    Wondered where you were last week. But as always, Jeremy did a great job filling in. Glad you found the conference helpful — I attend several a year for my work too — and there’s nothing worse than adoing all the travel and investing all the $ only to find that the event is not that helpful for your continuing ed.

    My questtion today uis this — how long do you think it will stay hot and humid — building up Thursday — hitting head on Friday — but what about the rest of the long weekend? Today’s weather {Tuesday} is absolutely delightful — when do you see today’s kind of weather returning? I’m hoping sometime this weekend, but do I hope in vain?

    Thanks for the answers!

    Don in Reesevile

    • Don,

      Thanks for watching when I filled-in last week. As for humid weather, I think dew points will stay in the 60s this coming weekend. Friday will likely be the really hot and humid day.

      Days like today and Wednesday don’t come along too often during a normal summer in southeast Wisconsin. So we should all enjoy the mild days.


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