Heat & Humidity Returns Friday

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  After a relatively cool stretch of weather in Milwaukee the past 2 weeks, hot and humid weather is set to return for Friday.

Highs have reached the 90s three times this year, and Friday should make it 4 in Milwaukee.

The extreme heat and humidity is already prompting ‘Excessive Heat Watches’ in the Plains and Midwest for Thursday.  Below is a map showing the locations that are under a watch, and likely will be upgraded to a warning by Thursday.  Some cities included are Minneapolis, Des Moines, Kansas City, and Wichita.

Excessive Heat Watch June 30

The heat will push east on Friday, and land across Wisconsin.  By Friday afternoon winds should turn to the southwest pushing highs into the 90s across all of southern Wisconsin.  The RPM temperature forecast shows the sizzling forecast for Friday below.  Keep in mind it is trying to push a little lake breeze into Milwaukee, but I think highs will reach 90 or better in the city on Friday.

Friday Temperatures June 30

Along with the heat, it will feel very humid in the coming days.  The NAM computer model is forecasting dew points to be around 80 degrees on Friday.  That may be a bit of a stretch…but there are a couple of factors that could enhance dew points.  The corn crop is now farther along in the Midwest, the evapotranspiration can add moisture to the air, and also the soils in southern Wisconsin are moist from a fairly wet June.

Below is the dew point forecast map for Friday.  If this were to verify the heat index would easily climb above 100 in Milwaukee!

Dew Point Friday July 1

The heat will likely be a bigger story than any rain chances in the next two days.  Overall the threat for a shower or t-storm does exist on Thursday and Friday, but rain chances are about 20-30% as of this writing.

Stay with the Weather Watch 12 blog and WISN 12 News for the latest on the heat and rain chances.

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson



11 Responses

  1. Not necessarily a weather related post, but, MAN, does the newscast look frickin’ SHARP in HD. Nice job guys!

    The weather (and Mark) received a nice upgrade! I love technology!


  2. Bring on the heat! Too bad we usually have to endure the humidity too when it heats up, but I’ll take it. The summer so far has certainly lived up to the long-range forecast for this summer. Nights have been very cool, great for sleeping though, and so much refrigerated east wind that have kept things very cool this year.

    For those who don’t like the heat and humidity this has been their year.

    • Chris,

      So far the summer forecast has worked out well…temps in June were about -1.2 in Milwaukee, and precip was right at average. Although like most summer months it varied greatly. But overall most areas were near or above average. July could be a wild card month since the pattern weakens as the month moves on.


  3. Hi, Jeremy!

    Do you foresee the entire ‘fourth’ weekend {Fri–Mon} as being hot and humid? If it’s both of the ‘H’s’ — then it means I’ll have to plan indoor activities — but if just warm {mid 80’s} — I can include some outdoor stuff. But my wife and I can’t handle hot and humid!

    Appreciate any guidance you can give.

    Also I agree about how snazzy the new look is in HD. I also like the way the new weather graphics include the ‘spinning windows’ that bring info up close on the screen.

    A comment on the change in how we leave comments on the blog — the “guest” “long in” etc tabs don’t move when you type — so you actually can’t see a line or two of what you’re writing until the comment is posted. Just passing this along like you asked earlier in the week.

    One more heat-related note — we’ve had at least 6 days in the 90’s here in my area of Dodge County — from that heat wave earlier in June. Will keep watch on the temps these next days and let you know how many more we add to the tally!

    Have a great day!

    Don in Reeseville

    • Don,

      The blog format has not changed yet. It will be obvious when it does. If you want to get a jump start. I would create a U-Local account…basically user ID and a password. You will need to be registered there to comment in the new format. Guessing we are 1-2 weeks away from it moving over.

      Humidity will gradually ease on Saturday. Sunday should feel pretty good.

      Thanks for the feedback on the HD graphics!


    • Hi Don,

      I’ve encountered the same type of ‘problems’ with posting comments. I think the screen WW12 uses and the one the rest of us use are not the same. As such, I don’t think Jeremy is aware that perhaps a month or so ago, some change was made. I’m pretty sure what he mentioned awhile back is yet to come. I thought the ‘problems’ were just with my ‘puter’ since noone else mentioned anything. Just thought you’d like to know you weren’t the only one experiencing some difficulties.

      Tony (Pl. Prairie)

      • Thanks for the storm report Tony. Some parts of Racine/Kenosha were hit hard! I’m updating the blog right now.


  4. I’m worried that winds will stay too much out of the south and not out of the SW. Southerly winds mean cooler near the lake here in Sheboygan.

    • Robert,

      If you are close to the lake(less than a mile) in Sheboygan I would count on temps maybe staying in the 80s tomorrow. Also, if thunderstorms rumble by to start the day it will take your area a little longer to get the winds to swing back south.


  5. Jeremy,

    Does your response to Robert from Sheboygan hold true for the Summerfest grounds as well? Thanks.

  6. Thursday, June 30, 2011 8:41 pm

    Storm Report: Had some rather strong wind through my location. No damage in my immediate area that I can see. No rain, thunder, or lightning. Storm clouds seem to be moving from SW to NE, yet the big wind gust came from a generally eastern direction. I was outside taking cloud pictures and I could hear the wind coming for about 10 to 15 seconds before it got here. I’m going to give an estimate of 45 to possibly 55 mph. Only lasted as short while, perhaps 10 seconds or so.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

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