Hot Weekend Forecast and Haboob Explained

Sorry for no post the last few days. We continue to work on switching our blog to the new format.
Our great July weather continues. Day after day of sunshine. We have earned it after our pretty crummy spring. Some of you are hoping for some rain and you may be in luck on Sunday. What is certain is the return of more humidity and warmer temperatures. It will be sticky all weekend. If you are travelling around the state, here is what you can expect. Saturday will be warm, but dry for much of the state. A slight chance of storms late in the day in the western part of the state.

Sunday will bring a better chance of rain across the state. It will not be as sunny as Saturday. The best chance for storms in Southeast Wisconsin will be late in the day. Don’t change your plans on Sunday because I think most of the day will be dry.

I’m sure most of you have had a chance to see the dust storm that slammed Phoenix last Tuesday evening. This was an incredible storm with winds above 60 miles per hour. Of course, Phoenix is surrounded by desert so those strong winds picked up the dust and sand. The Phoenix area has been very dry, which is typical. This time of year, the monsoon season begins. That means that the desert southwest can get these storms to blow up, especially late in the day. The dust storms are officially known as a “haboob.” The term comes from the arabic word “habb” which means wind. Typically these types of dust storms occur along the Sahara desert. Take a look at this video of someone driving into the haboob on Tuesday evening.

Driving into a haboob can actually be quite dangerous. Visibilities can be near zero. The dust actually rose to over a mile in the air. Here is a picture from ABC News as the storm hit downtown.

Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about haboobs in Wisconsin. It has been dry, but we are way too far away from any deserts. Have a great weekend and stay cool.




2 Responses

  1. Is your model showing the same kind of heat blast for next weekend as the primary models have been showing for the last couple of days. After baking through a parade on the 4th, I’m not sure I want to venture to another one that weekend if it is going to be in the 90s and humid.

    • Daniel,

      It does look quite hot next weekend. Would not be surprised at all if both days are in the 90s. Yes, it will be humid as well.


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