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Weather Blog: Parched August, Some September Heat
August 29, 2011

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Luke Sampe here again and in tonight’s entry, I am going to talk about how crazy dry we have been this month and talk about when the 90s will return to southeast Wisconsin.

Without a doubt, the biggest headline in the weather-world has been Hurricane Irene. Irene did not deliver the intense winds and surge that was anticipated to New York and the northeast, but the storm did deliver incredible amounts of rain from North Carolina north through New England.

In looking at the reports, I came across a rain total of over 20″ at Virginia Beach, with 8-16″ of rainfall common throughout much of the eastern seaboard.

The fact that Irene basically clogged up the weather patterns for the last week or so, meant that us in southeast Wisconsin saw very little change in our weather.

In fact, you almost have to feel guilty when we get to enjoy sunshine and 70s and 80s day after day, when much the eastern U.S. was finding themselves in flooding.

But the lack of rain around here is starting to become a problem. At Mitchell field, only 0.56″ of rain fell so far this August.

This means that our deficit is now over 3.00″ in the rain gauge, and we need rain.

If we do not receive another drop of rain before the end of the month, August 2011 will go down as the 7th driest August on record. Pretty significant considering records go back to 1871.

Here’s a list of the top driest August months at Milwaukee…

1) August 1894 0.29″ of Rain

2) August 1929 0.35″ of Rain

3) August 1883 0.38″ of Rain

4) August 1948 0.46″ of Rain

5-6) August 1969, 1902 0.53″ of Rain

7) August 0.57″ 2003

Our hopes for rain do not look that impressive before September 1st.

A weak disturbance will try to nose into the dry airmass in place on Tuesday, and by Tuesday night, we could see a few light rain showers around, but not everyone will get wet.

Here’s a look at Weather Watch 12’s in-house model for Tuesday evening.

So as you can see, the hopes for widespread rain is not that high. Looking more like a nuisance than anything else.

Here’s a look at projected rainfall totals through Wednesday afternoon.

So a top 10 driest August is looking all but certain.

What about our new month of September?  Well as the kids get ready to head back to the classroom, the 90s will be in heading back to southeast Wisconsin.

Didn’t you love it when you went back the school and the weather would give you one last tease of summer while you had to suffer through the first days of school!? (Ah to go back to those days!)

Well that’s what the kids will have to endure by Thursday and Friday of this week. The bright spot to talk about would be that some storms might actually bring some much needed rain late Friday. Which means you may need the umbrella for Friday night football.

Here’s a look at the storm that will bring our warmup later this week.

Alright! That will do it for now, thanks again for reading and be sure to drop a comment and say hi.