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  1. Fond Du Lac lost power between 1:15 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. Heavy rain, wind, and a lot of lightning.

    • Wendy,

      Thanks for the report. Those storms were nasty and lasted way too long. Jeremy

  2. I am looking everywhere for information on the roads in Milwaukee. There is a flash flood warning, so where do we go to check on a good route to take from one place to another if we have to go out. I am wanting to get home with a trailor and want to take higher roads. I dont see any maps that enable people to plan their routes. Are we just expected to notice water collecting somewhere and then figure out how to drive around it? Wouldnt it be helpful to lessen problems and backups by listing areas to avoid? and areas with higher ground? thank you Robin

    • this is out of control!! we cant leave our house because the street is flooded really bad. our basemend has terrible water damage

  3. Rainfall in Hartland @ 6:15 is 1.03 in the last hour, 1.95 in the last 24 hrs.

  4. We have 3.5 inches in our rain gauge in Newburg

  5. i live in IL. one day later we had 8 inches of rain and a tornado warning

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