Milwaukee & Madison Hail Pictures

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What a wild weather day across southeastern Wisconsin on Sunday!  A pea size hailstorm in Milwaukee that produced numberous accidents and slide-offs.  Then a huge spread of temperatures over the span over about 75 miles.  And finally a large destructive hailstorm with up to baseball size hail hits Madison Sunday evening!

Let’s start with the huge temperature contrast that set the storms into motion.  A warm front made it to about the Wisconsin and Illinois border, south of the front temperatures soared into the 80s and low 90s!

Sunday 4pm Temperatures April 3

The unstable air fired thunderstorms both early Sunday, and again Sunday evening.  The first round of storms produced a pea size hailstorm in parts of Dodge, Waukesha, Washington, and Milwaukee counties.  The picture below is not snow, but pea size hail covering the ground!  Thank you to Matthew Krysinski for sending in the picture.

UW Milwaukee Hail April 3, 2011

Larry posted this picture to the U-Local section of  That’s a big pile of  pea size hail in Milwaukee!

Milwaukee Hail April 3, 2011

The hail this morning was very small in comparison to the large hail that hit the Madison area Sunday evening.  This hailstorm will rival the one that occurred back on April 13, 2006 when golf ball to tennis ball size hail shattered car windows on the west side of town.  That hailstorm continued east and hit parts of Waukesha and Milwakee counties.  I know some, including myself remember that one well! 

The hail Sunday evening in Madison was ping pong ball to reports of baseball size hail!  That is huge! 

Below is a picture from my old station FOX47 in Madison.  This hailstone appears to be about tennis ball size.

Madison Hail April 3, 2011

If you have pictures to share, please post them to the U-Local section just click here

The weather will quiet down for Monday, just windy and cool.  Enjoy the Brewers game if you are heading to Miller Park. 

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


6 Responses

  1. Monday, April 4, 2011

    Hi Jeremy,

    re: Sunday’s storm
    Well, if nothing else, at least my home barometer got a good workout and I got a couple of interesting looking screen grabs of radar displays. I’ve said thanks before to WISN & the sponsors for making the Irad available, but having it available yesterday makes me feel another round of thanks to show my appreciation is called for. Many Thanks!
    Please note, this is a strictly personal comment without my having any vested interest in making it.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

    • Tony,

      The pressure really dropped as the low moved overhead last night!

      Thanks for the feedback, it is great to hear what viewers like and would like improved on our site.


  2. Are models picking up on the weekend warm-up?

    • Robert,

      I’m confident it will be warm with at least 60s Sat/Sun. The 18Z GFS that just came out is finally showing a warm-up. In this evening’s blog I will post a comparison of my forecast versus others in Milwaukee. No guarantee I’ll be right, but I’m confident in the pattern, and think there could be a 70 close to home on Sunday. Some viewers will accept any forecast, but I always want to deliver the best forecast.


  3. Will it be cooler near the lake, or will we see stronger southwesterly flow? Too far out to tell?

    • Milwaukee has warmed up each time in the pattern, should be warm near the lake for at least a day or more. We may see a lake breeze try to develop.


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